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    Drag &Drop issue with scroller.

    EliezerReis Level 1



      I have two problems with a DataGroup inside a scroller, when I'm dragging some item of my datagroup. My datagroup is a big list so, the user have to use a scroller to navigate through all itens. Then, the first  problem happens when I select some item and start drag to the bottom of my datagroup to the top. The scroller doesn't work when I'm draggin some item.  The second problem happens when I click on track of scroller and drag it to some position but, automatically it start drag some item of my datagroup when i just wanna use the scroller.


      Someone know how can I solve it?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Shongrunden Adobe Employee

          The spark List has scrolling and drag + drop support built in, could you use that instead of a DataGroup and Scroller?

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            EliezerReis Level 1

            I made some testes but some problems appeared when I use spark:List. First because, I have a hierachical list, so I use many datagroup inside datagroup, so If I use List as render of another list I have de configure drag and drop for each of this component and in my bussines logic i cant configure drag and drop for the entire list, only some items renderes that is allowed to be dragged, so, when I configure the drag and drop only for some items renderes the scroller of the List doesn't work. In another words, I suppose that spark:List is too simple for my required interface!


            Do you understand  what I'm talking about? Do you know another form to scroll the scroller when mouse reach the top or the bottom of my list?


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              Shongrunden Adobe Employee

              I'm not sure I understand, but you can control the scroll position of the DataGroup via the horizontalScrollPosition/verticalScrollPosition properties.  You might have some logic that detects when the mouse is near the top or bottom of the DataGroup and start changing the scroll position accordingly.