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    Dreamweaver CS5 11.0.3 Update

    Gayle Antone

      I have tried to install this since August! Fails every time. The installer doesn't work. I've read every thread, every forum I can find. No definite answer.  I've read that some are uninstalling Dreamweaver CS5 all together and reinstalling it, only to return to the forum and say it didn't work?  Can anybody help me? I've wasted hours on this. Adobe Support Finder says there's no issue. Thanks much!

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          Set dreamweaver to Run as administrator and the intallation will work. Thanks adobe for nothing.

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            le_mac_man Level 1

            How exactly do you run dreamweaver as administrator?



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              RobertoLLw Level 1

              Right click on the shortcut. Click on the tab that says Compatibility. Under Privilege Level Check Run this program as administrator.

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                le_mac_man Level 1

                Are you using a Mac?


                When I right click on the Dreamweaver program icon there is nothing that shows any tabs, nevermind one that says Compatibility.


                More help needed, sorry.

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                  AlanGilbertson Level 1

                  This works perfectly for the problem I was having: after the 11.03 update (which installed without any error report) I had a message box pop up every time I launched DW that said "Extension Manager will now launch to complete the update" -- except that it never did. And running EM by itself didn't do anything. Running DW as an administrator allowed EM to launch and install the HTML 5 extension.


                  It's a good idea when posting a suggestion like this to note that it is Windows-specific, and Win 7/Vista-specific at that. OS X has its own method of elevating privileges.


                  You kinda have to wonder how much testing was done before this update was sent out. It certainly isn't an isolated problem. To be fair to Adobe, this is the only update problem I've encountered with any of the CS5 applications (CS5 MC), but it would have been a whole lot simpler if the HTML 5 extension had simply been released as an extension, as it was from Labs earlier.

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                    Running Win 7 64bit, DWCS5 Build 4964. I've installed the 11.0.3 update recently. However, I'm not sure it installed correctly because if I start entering the tag for <video it does not show up on the html tag list that pops up or on the list in Insert -> Tag ->HTML tag list.


                    On my other computer running Win 7 32bit DWCS5 the update installed and the tag shows up correctly.


                    I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, running DW as administrator, etc. Nothing has worked on this 64-bit computer. The  update shows up in the Extension Manager as Dreamweaver HTML5 Pack with version 1.2.7.


                    Any suggestions?




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                      AlanGilbertson Level 1

                      This may be too obvious, but is the HTML 5 pack enabled in Extension Manager? I have the 4964 build installed on a Win7 x64 system, and the HTML5 pack installed fine when I ran DW with Admin privileges and EM ditto. Sounds like you did the same. A package does NOT show up in EM as installed and enabled unless it did successfully install.


                      I do have code hinting for HTML 5 tags.



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                        PegasusT4 Level 1

                        Yes, it's enabled.


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                          AlanGilbertson Level 1

                          Thought so, but figured it was worth checking. At this point I'd try resetting preferences (http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/839/cpsid_83912.html) and if that failed, test in Win7's safe mode or with everything optional turned off in msconfig, just to be sure there isn't some weird interaction with some other bit of non-critical software. If that failed to isolate it, I'd uninstall DW completely and reinstall, then run the update.

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                            PegasusT4 Level 1



                            Thanks! The link to the "Restore Preferences" worked. I renamed the Dreamweaver CS5 Preferences folder, edited the entry in Regedit and restarted DW. When DW started, it restarted the Extension Manager and reinstalled the 11.0.3 Update. Once that was done, DW5 restarted and I was good to go.


                            What an odd error.




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                              AlanGilbertson Level 1

                              Glad to be useful! Across the entire Creative Suite the rule of thumb is: "If the application is doing something that's just weird, reset preferences." Amazing how often that's the fix.



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                                I have tried the preferences trick and that works to get the html5 tags in, but I then seem to lose all the CF9 extensions.  If I then re-import the CF9 tags with extension manager it removes the html5 tags! Any suggestions before I go mad??

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                                  PegasusT4 Level 1



                                  You're right. I had not noticed that my CF9 tags were no longer available using the CF9 extensions. I usually use a different editor when working the CF side of things.


                                  I looked at the extension manager and all my extensions had the "enabled" unchecked after I did the "fix" listed above. So I had to re-enable them all.


                                  When the CF9 extension is re-enabled, then the HTML5 tags are unavailable, and vice versa. So there is definitely a problem.


                                  The two tags I used for testing were..

                                  <video> for HTML5

                                  <cfimage> for CF9


                                  Unchecking "enabled" for CF9 extensions brings back the <video> tag so there is definitely a conflict.


                                  Adobe?? Is there an update to this?



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                                    I think I read this thread closely.  What is the solution for us MAC users?



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                                      bdaul Level 1

                                      You mean a Unix box or one of those piles of **** PCs running MicroCrapSoft?

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                                        This is the point... CS5 don't run on linux...
                                        If it does, no more crap MacOS nor Windows

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                                          le_mac_man Level 1

                                          I had the exact same problem and now I've sorted it out. Maybe mine is a bit silly, and has been tried, tested and failed by others, but it worked for me.


                                          When I originally installed Dreamweaver as part of CS5 , so installed all the other applcations at the same time. I just choose the applications folder for it to be installed into, and then afterwards I seen that they were all just sitting by themselves in their own folder within the Applications folder. Therefore I decided to put all the program folders into a folder I created called CS5. It was only after I done this that I started having updates failing to install properly.


                                          I dragged all the programs from the CS5 folder that I created and just dropped them all loosely back into the applications folder where they were first installed, and the updates all worked afterwards without a problem.


                                          As I say, it may sound a very basic solution, but it worked for me and maybe it will work for you too.


                                          Good luck!