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    problem installing photo deluxe




      sorry for coming in the back door!

      I could not find the product that i am having problem installing. realizing  being in the wrong pew mavbe you could direct me?

      I am having prob. installing adobe photo deluxe 4.0. i used it for many yrs - it was the smiplest program for

      transparencies/opacity/overlays - the rest are just too complicated for me - tried 'em. puter crashed lost everything -

      can't find disk. downloaded it from adobe - when i attempted to install (pdx401upus.exe) - popup window - unzip -

      then run - after it runs another popup window ( warning: the destination directory could not be determined for

      photodeluxe 4.0. i am using both vista and windows 7. had it on vista when it crashed. on another forum people

      used it on windows 7. hope someone may be able to help me on this installation or direct me or may know of

      a program that has similar methods for the feature that i am looking for. i am one of those people who function

      by keep it simple stupid (KISS)