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    TabNavigator and dynamic tab-styles

    Ben Danis

      I'm trying to change the tab-style skin style based on the content that the parent canvas is being provided.


      For example, if the parent canvas (which is being reused everywhere) has a particular property, i'd like my tabNavigator's tabbar to use another skin for the buttons.  I've created a getter in my tabNavigator to access the tab bar.  To which i set the skin style to the class i'd want.  Doesn't work. Is there a simple style that i can set to do this?


      I've tried creating a css for every possibility and assign it to tabNavigator with a bindable variable.  But it still displays the default value.  If i put it in the mxml declaration stylename="customskin" it works.  but if i put stylename="{_bindableStyle}", it doesn't work.


      In both cases, none of the tabNavigator's children are created until this value is set, so i'm not trying to set a style after the content was created.


      I've also tried creating the tabNavigator on creation instead of having it in the mxml declaration, doesn't work either.


      Any thing else i can try that i haven't yet?