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    Adobe Media Encoder CS4, converting mp4 to flv - seriously drifting sync

    bunner bob Level 1

      (Not sure this is the right forum for this - I didn't see a forum for AME but it's being used in conjunction with Flash)


      I've  been trying to convert a 2:54 mp4 to flv, and when I'm done, when  playing the resulting flv it tells me it's now 3:37. Of course the audio  runs out at 2:54 so I have half a minute of silence.


      The mp4 was ripped from DVD using HandBrake.


      I  tried converting using a couple of different presets and keep getting  the same result. I can't seem to locate any sort of "keep video locked  to audio" option in AME CS4.


      Maybe it's a frame rate  issue? I'm not sure how to determine the frame rate of the original, but  the DVD is a burn from the video house that produced the video - US  format. So probably 29.97?




      - Bob