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    Character Restriction in RoboHelp Glossary


      What special characters typically used in English are restricted from use in a RoboHelp 8 glossary? I need to write a glossary for a software application, and it requires the use of special characters (*, &, <, ( $, #, @, !, etc.). I would like to create the glossary in RoboHelp 8. Is this possible? Specifically, is it possible to categorize alphabetical entries preceded by special characters and have them grouped appropriately when alphabetically sorted?



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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          You can use those characters. The RoboHelp glossary are stored in .glo files, in RH8 just XML files with a different extension. RoboHelp automatically translates characters as '<' and '&' into their XML 'safe' equivalents: &lt;and &amp;


          The RoboHelp glossary automatically sorts the entries alphabetically. AFAIK, grouping is not possible with the RH8 glossary.