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    Problem redrawing on resize for device rotation (Burrito)




      I'm using the AS3 Drawing API to draw a series of Rects around the edge the device display. The edge is defined by an empty Group constrained to 0 (zero) on all sides, so I pass the width and height of the Group to the drawing class. This works perfectly when called in the viewActivate event handler.


      Using desktop simulation, the problem arises when the device is rotated. I am using the resizeEvent handler of the same Group but I do not get the new width and height that I would expect for the resized Group. Furthermore, the resizeEvent seems to be firing multiple times (based on debugger breakpoint) with different value for oldWidth and oldHeight for a single rotatation.


      Should I be using the resizeEvent, or is there some other event that is appropriate for device rotation?