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    Save As option to preserve original filename


      I know that this option exists when batch renaming in Bridge, but I am wondering about the ability to do this from Photoshop.


      It would be nice to be able to preserve the RAW filename to a file when saving from Photoshop.


      We do a lot of photography for artists, for cataloging purposes. Often, we rename photographs with the title of the piece of artwork, since that is the easiest way for artists to refer to the images. However, if for some reason we need to go back to the RAW file to adjust exposure or color, it is difficult to locate it because we can't retrieve the camera assigned filename unless we do numerous search by date modified/folder name/etc. queries. If there was an option in Photoshop's Save As dialogue to preserve original file name, it would be much easier to just look at the photograph's metadata and know which RAW file it came from.