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    Color Correction in Premiere Pro CS5


      Hello all,

      Like a lot of people I have started looking for an alternative to FCP and Color since it seems like apple is dragging their feet a bit.  However, during my switch process, I am encountering a few problems. 

      My biggest problem is in the color correction department. I love the color correction effects that you can use in PP, however when editing a large amount of clips on huge timelines, it becomes time consuming to have to click on each clip to gets its effects to come up in the window.

      In FCP you can gang a sequence to the viewer monitor and when the playhead moves the color correction adjustments change to whatever clip you are on. Same with Color.  move the playhead and the adjustments change to whatever is associated with the clip, making it really efficient to color correct.

      So...... does anyone know a similar way to use PP in the same way.


      Thanks in advance for your help.


      also, anyone know where the zoom transitions went on CS5 for mac?


      Thanks again.