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    advice on managing projects

    Aurora Tech Writer Level 1

      Hey all,


      I am looking for advice on how to handle managing multiple projects for my webhelp system.


      Here is the background:

      1. I inherited a winhelp system of over 150 projects from a former co-worker.  The powers that be decided to convert the entire help system to webhelp.

      2. I am the sole author.  Therefore, it will physically take time to convert each project.

      3. I am using Peter G's method of merging (which works great!).


      Here is the issue: I find myself constantly going back and forth between projects due to the fact that I have to create\fix links between topics across those projects.  As far as I can tell there is no way to keep track of a project status, unless I am in that particular project.  This means from a management standpoint, I have no way to tell if a project is fully converted or if I need to do some type of work (TOC fixes, Index edits, Hyperlinks, etc.).


      I am getting the work done, just at a slower pace than I feel I should be.  Anyone have any advice?






      Robohelp HTML, RH8