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    FLEX - localhost started appearing in browser but Network Monitor says otherwise

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      Today I ran my FLEX application in FireFox and noticed it was showing "transferring data from localhost..." at the bottom of the browser. Originally, it would show my server IP, not localhost.


      I looked at the Network Monitor and verified that the network traffic is NOT going to localhost, but to my server IP.


      Here are the screenshots to prove that I am only partially crazy!:


      ^ Here is the problem....



      ^ Network monitor shows it hitting the correct server IP here....




      Has anyone experienced this, or knows why this is happening?


      I dug into the project file settings and looked for localhost but could not find it anywhere. Not sure where that would be defined??

      I am in the process of cleaning out Firefox, which I think might be my problem, but was curious if anyone has had their FLEX app suddently start showing localhost calls in the browser status toolbar?