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    Frame Rate Problems in CS4


      I am a student and I use CS4 on a Mac on one of the schools computers. One of the animation projects I am working I need to animate a music video.


      To do this I calculated out the BPM of the song and set the frame rate at 23.3 FPS so that I would have 20 Frames between beats. Then to have a visual representation of the timing I set a layer that has a red dot blink for 2 frames every 20 frames starting on the first beat. With it set up like this and I run the animation in Flash it keeps time correctly and works. However, when I test the video the time is off. I tried changing the frame rate to 60fps as an arbitrary number to see if adjusting the frame rate had any affect of the test file but when I tested the video at 60fps it did not run any faster than before. I asked my professor about the problem but he doesn't know. I exported the video to a SWF and MOV file but it was still off.


      Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          use a timer to display your dot so you can control its timing more accurately.  that said, the only elementary way to sync audio and visual in flash is to add the audio to your timeline and assign a sync of "stream". 


          note:  that's not the best way to use sound in flash but it's the only easy way to sync sound/visuals.