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    [JS] To Read: “Essential JavaScript And jQuery Design Patterns”

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      (Via The CodeProject Daily News)


      Web Developer, Designer & Author (he calls himself a "Web design ninja" ) Addy Osmani released a new book for JavaScript beginners -- and, best of all, you can read it for free! Pick up your copy of "Essential JavaScript & jQuery Design Patterns For Beginners" from his web site: http://addyosmani.com/blog/essentialjsdesignpatterns/


      From the introductory chapter "What is a Pattern?":


      It’s important that we remember the role of a pattern is merely to provide us with a solution scheme. Patterns don’t solve all design problems nor do they replace good software designers, however, they do support them.




      What is a Pattern?

      'Pattern'-ity Testing, Proto-Patterns & The Rule Of Three

      The Structure Of A Design Pattern

      Writing Design Patterns


      Categories Of Design Pattern

      Design Patterns in jQuery

      Design Patterns in JavaScript