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    Defult font for HTML component

    christoferek Level 1



      When I was using Flex 3, the HTML component displayed quite a nice font. It was a default one I suppose. I didn't set it in any way.


      After switching to Flex 4 I get an ugly narrow font. It is again a default font I think.


      Can you explain what has happened? How do I change the default font? Is it a way to change this?





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          Hey Chris,


          I don't know if there's a way to set a default for all new projects, but you can set font styles globally at the application level, such as fontFamily, fontSize and so forth. If you want more flexibility over the appearance of the text you can create custom components and swap the Label with a RichText component instead. I agree that the default appearance of text tends to look a bit narrow, so one thing I find helpful for making text easier to read is to set the tracking property to about 20% (trackingLeft="20%").


          Don't know if that helps, but those are just a couple ideas.