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    Running CF in an ASP environment

    NVL-Tom Level 1

      I have been running CF pages on our Windows 2003 server for some time.  The pages have been very popular, and my company has asked that I include them on our corporate web site.  However, the corporate web has a login authentication process that is based on an asp code.  It would not be practical to request the visitors to authenticate a second time.  So I have to ask whether there any way that I can cfinclude or use some other technique that will allow the asp authentication code to run when a CF page is executed?  If not, is there a way that I can pick off the cookie created in the asp routine and somehow use it for authentication purposes on my coldfusion pages?  Or can I pick off the session variables that are created when the users enters the corporate site and use them in the CF login routine?

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          Owain North Level 4

          As long as both technologies are running within the same site, I don't believe there's any reason why CF couldn't read a cookie created by ASP.

          Is this classic ASP or ASP.NET? If it's the latter then write all your authentication into .NET classes and use createObject('.net') to call them, should do the trick.