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    markf12 Level 1

      I'm at the point where I want to add a contact form to the website I'm working on. I've looked around on the internet a bit and found lots of sites offering a variety of contact forms.


      Does anyone here have any recommendations for adding contact form? Or a well regarded service that provides them?


      Also I'm going to add another form.  It is to be a rental form that will allow the user to make a few choices from some drop down boxes.The user will choose vfrom a selction of  size and color and etc. The user will enter a credit card number but at this time no online processing of the cc is needed. After clicking a submit button the form would just be e-mailed to the store and a staff person will follow up in person.


      It looks like a lot of the online form services could be capable of generating both forms. Any recommendations regarding this will be much appreciated

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          To try and keep this as simple as possible I am going to treat your question as 2 requests.  As far as contact forms go they are a dime a dozen out there.  They will typically depend on your server setup.  For instance, Windows servers typically utilize ASP/.NET forms, and Linux servers utilize PHP forms.  For a business I would typically recommend scripts that you install yourself over scripts that are hosted (eg: Wufoo).  I went through a couple links below for some options, some generate forms while others are just installations:


          PHP FormMail Generator - A free tool to create ready-to-use web ...


          http://www.formfields.com/FORMgenArea/FORMgenLite/FORMgen3_0/index.php?gad=COK7l-wDEgilAfJ zstME3BiaqIf-AyCeg-4z



          Those are all PHP solutions.  If you need ASP/.NET solutions please post back.


          As far as your second request, again I would look towards server-side scripting because there are plenty of well-built solutions for setting up a store.  Might I also suggest if you plan on taking credit card numbers at all, you plan on setting up an SSL certificate on your domain.  If you have a shared hosting environment, your host should be able to help you get this setup.  This way the credit card numbers are encrypted. 

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            markf12 Level 1

            Hey thanks for that helpful reply! I am going to check out the links you provided. I will be using the php scripting. I had it my mind that I was going to ensure that the credit card number be kept secure/encrypted. I will make sure of this with the hosting company.


            Again I will search for php  pre-built solutions for generating the ski rental form I need.


            Any suggestions for services that you or anyone have used and liked for creating a rental type form will be much appreciated.


            If I  understand correctly, php is a code language that is based on the server. It receives php files and based on the file it receives it generates a bunch of html and other instructions that compose the webpage or send the form or etc. I am not a php programmer so I think for sure I need to use a service to generate a pre-built solution. Just looking for advice from other more experienced folks on how I might best do this.


            Thanks again!

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              I'm very much a newbie at website building, but I can second the earlier link to PHP Form Mail Maker - A free tool to create ready-to-use web mail forms with customized auto response email | F.A.Q about PHP FormMail Generator


              It works great and is very easy to implement. I have been looking around, but once I found this site, there was no need to look further. It does it all. I can recommend it (for what it is worth it from a newbie).