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    LegendItem styling

      Hi All,
      For PIE chart, i need to create clickable legend items. This can be easily done by using itemClick attribute on the <mx:Legend> tag. But i am not able to do following
      1. display underline for the LegendItem label
      2. display hand cursor for the LegendItem label when user hovers mouse over label

      I tried following,
      1. <mx:Legend itemDecoration="underline"........./> - I thought LegendItems will inherit this property. I also tried <mx:Legend styleName="myCustomStyle"........./> with myCustomStyle declared as <mx:style> with text-decoration:underline. But none of these works. I don't know if any of other attributes on Legend tag affects this one. My current Legend tag declaration is as follows,

      <mx:Legend id="appPieLegend" itemClick="appsLegendClick(event)" direction="vertical" width="25%" labelPlacement="right" markerHeight="10" markerWidth="10" paddingBottom="0" paddingTop="0" textAlign="left" verticalAlign="middle" fontFamily="myVerdana" fontGridFitType="subpixel" fontStyle="normal" fontWeight="normal" fontAntiAliasType="advanced" itemDecoration="underline"/>

      2. I also tried not setting dataProvider property on Legend tag But dynamically adding LegendItems to Legend in ActionScript as follows,
      var customLegendItem:LegendItem = new LegendItem();
      None of these work at all.

      I will appreciate any help OR new idea.