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    seek to cue point

      quick scenario:

      I have several videos (flvs) that i am trying to make play one right after the other. I figured out how to make my "fast forward" btn work by just easily using


      and setting up the last cuePoint in every video to lead to a frame with the next video loaded.

      But now the kicker, the back btn. I can easily seek to the prev cue point but what happens when you get to the end of the video. I've been setting it up so that when the
      _root.display.playheadTime < 1
      it will go back a frame with code that will take it to the last cue point of the prev video.

      Now this is what i don't know, how can i tell it what cuePoint to goto in the video? I've tried seekToNavCuePoint("place cue point here") and a few other options and nothing is working. Can you not go to an embedded navigational cue point? if so how do i do that?

      tried setting up a variable called: var flvcontrol = display; thinking that would make it easier to call but alas i'm out of options. Really gotta figure this out by tomorrow anybody around to help a loss soul?

      Thank you,