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    Problems with contextMenu after SpellUI

    anandpag Level 1



      I hope this is not answered elsewhere because i have searched all over.  I have a TextArea which has custom contextMenu.  I can switch on and off the custom contextMenu any number of times.  But once i enable SpellUI on this component, i cannot restore my custom contextMenu any more even after i disabled SpellUI.  Please help as I need to resolve this asap.


      Thanks in advance



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          ravi_adobe_ Level 1

          Are you disabling spellUI using the disableSpelling(comp:UIComponent) api? I double checked this and the custom context menu does get restored after this api call. Could you please provide your sample code where this might be reproducible?


          ravi (Adobe)

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            john7dev Level 1

            Has there been any resolution on this issue?  I am having the same problem.  Using Flash Builder 4.0, Halo components, Flash 11.1.


            I have a custom contextMenu on myTextArea1 that is replaced with the call to SpellUI.enableSpelling(myTextArea1, "en_US"), and then not restored after a call to SpellUI.disableSpelling(myTextArea1).


            - the spelling engine is in a module that is loaded on demand.

            - the textArea is in an itemRenderer that is in a List.

            - the itemRenderer calls the module that has the spelling engine in it to register the textArea.


            Everything works... except the original custom contextMenu is not restored after the call to disableSpelling.


            Thanks for your help.


              - john7dev