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    Looking for better "transitions" plug ins


      Hi, I just bought the Photoshop elements and premiere Elements 9 package. Problem is that I am a simple guy who makes a lot of video movies for my work and I just want a very simple "fade in" type transitions to merge my video clips. The ones supplied are to "busy" and are a distraction in my humble opinion. I didn't feel I should have to Up grade or purchase this one simple fade or "cross fade" after spending my $150.00 I did Google free transitions and found the Burgers page that had exactly the transition I was looking for. http://http://www.burgers-transition-site.de/downloads/transitions/transitioncrossfade.htm l

      I down loaded it and tried to add it to my existing library of transitions but it couldn't read the codex?  How can I get this simple transition without spend more money? Thank you, Greg McCord

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          Ted Smith Level 3

          The standard disslove or cross fade that comes with PE9 I would thought would achieve what you want.

          You can either have it before or after the break line or equally straddling it.

          Simply insert a break line and just drag the effect to the break line.


          There is another way that you don't need any 'effects' but gives you complete control of the transition.

          When you want the audio to fade differently to the video I put a break in the video and drag the after part up to the second video track and drag it a little earlier by the length of the fade or disslove.

          Then right clicking on the clip I select fade in and out on the top track and modify the yellow lines in the tracks to get the right timing.

          Example. You want to remove a complete sentence in an interview. You insert a dots in the lower audio yellow line and quickly fade out the audio before the transition starts to remove the first word of the unwanted sentence but leave a bit of video. Then dissolve or wipe to the next sentence to signify that you have deleted something rather than have a jump cut.

          If you look at some of my finished timelines it looks like a castle with every scene alternating on tracks 1 & 2.

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            tirefryer Level 1

            Thank You Ted for the excellent Idea. I will try this second suggestion not using any effect and fade it manually. Warmest regards, Greg McCord

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              Ted Smith Level 3

              Also if you want to keep original audio continuously going behind an insert, copy the inserted clip to the second track and position it where you want to in time.


              Then fade in and out on this track only and the result will look like a dissolve.

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