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    Best NLE for Canon Xh-A1


      I'm very new to this forum but thought I would try to seek some help about which editing system works the best/easiest for the Canon Xh-A1s.  I currently have been using Avid Xpress Pro, my OS is XP sp3, Intel Core Quad Q9550, 4Gb DDR3 RAM, 3TB of storage, Nvidia ge Force 9600gt video card and sound blaster X-fi audio card.  I built the computer a little over a year ago and know I need to upgrade a few components.


      My current problem is that I have been trying to capture video from the Xh-A1 to Avid.  I use DVSplt 0.75 to capture the clips but they won't capture unless I choose to split them at each scene (which the program has been splitting the clips at what seems like every couple seconds which makes editing nearly impossible).  Also, the format that is captured is a .m2t file which Avid Xpress Pro once again does not except.  To combat that I use a video converter to turn the files into HD .mov files.  After all this is finished (which takes a good deal of time), my video has lost a lot of its resolution and looks fairly distorted.  


      I was hoping there was either a NLE that was better suited for the Xh-A1 and the file format - Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro,Updated Avid ex.Media Composer, FCP (hopefully not cause I do not hope to buy a completely new computer), or if I need to purchase some different hardware - new video card, MiniDv Deck, ect.  I would greatly appreciate any help or feedback on my issue.





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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          Your question shows that the choice of an NLE is very personal. Some people would not consider capturing without scene detection, others abhor it, like yourself.


          The A1 works with every NLE available, be it Edius, Avid, FCP, Vegas or Premiere. So the camera is not the issue here, it is your workstyle and the nature of your projects that determines what fits you.


          The only advise I can give you is to try out the various NLE's and determine for yourself what fits you the best. As to using the trial version of PR, keep in mind that you must use DV material from your camera, since the trial version does not support MPEG.

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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP


            I have the A1 (without the S) and it works just fine with Premiere.

            I can capture with Premiere which will give me .mpeg files.

            I can capture with HDV split which will give me .m2t and

            i can capture with Cineform NeoScene which will give me excellent HD avi's.

            I prefere the latter because its non compressed footage. The project opens like lightning.

            Edting is like butter. So no complaints here.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              It seems like one advantage CS5 might have over Avid is that Premiere can work with the native HD media, no conversions necessary.

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                davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                I've got the XHA1 and I've only gotten more and more happy with the way Premiere handles it's footage. In CS5 Adobe finally got support for scene split with HDV, and it works like a charm, splitting only on the scene splits, not every couple seconds. As Jim said, it handles the footage natively, so that's a big plus. However, like Harm said, try several and find the one you like. I've used Premiere, Final Cut, and Pinnacle (Avid's consumer version) and of them all, I have found Premiere to be far-in-a-way the best editor. I've used it in version 6.0 (which kinda sucked, to be honest) and then from CS3-CS5. It's great software!