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    Timecode missing from Sony NX5U NXCAM

    bad Timing Level 1

      A well documented problem exists in reading the timecode from Sony NXCAM NX5U cameras.  When importing the timecode Premier CS5 always reverts to 0:00 for each clip.  Edius always was able to read the timecode.  FCP has a new release that can read the timecode now.  Has anyone heard anything about any effort by Adobe to fix this problem?  Interestingly and almost (almost) humorously, Vegas 9 also has the problem with not being able to read the timecode..  

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Like other cameras that shoot AVCHD, you need to preserve the folder structure from the cards in order for timecode to be read. I don't think that timecode is recorded into the MTS files, but in metadata files stored along in the folder structure. I believe these are the CPI (clip information) files inside the PRIVATE\AVCHD\BDMV\CLIPINF folder. I don't have an NX5U folder structure to test, but I do have one from a Panasonic HMC150. If I move/rename the CLIPINF folder, all the clips start 00:00:00:00. If the folder is there, however, the timecode is read.


          The upshot is that if all you have are MTS files, Premiere won't read the timecode.

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            bad Timing Level 1

            This is a problem that originally affected FCP, Vegas, and Premier.  Curiously not Edius.  There are many threads documenting the problem.


            Final cut now has a patch and with it we have time-code.  Vegas is promising a fix soon.


            Our problem is we use CS5 primarily.  And we and people smarter than us have tried to make it work.  I was hoping to hear something that Adobe might have released.