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    Delivering demo or trial versions of a product - best practice?


      Hello there RoboHelp gang,


      I am using RH8 HTML to create a knowledge product for commercial resale to clients and customers.  One of the things I need to do is offer a 'trial' version of the end the end product.  I imagine doing this by creating an instance of the knowledge product with selected areas freely available but with the bulk of the content 'locked down'. 


      I understand from the instructions that i can do this via condition conditional text function... the reason for posting to find out if anyone had any additional best practice comments, suggestions or tips on setting up and managing a demo or trial version of applications built in Robohelp 8 HTML? The end format of mine will be ADOBE AIR.


      fyi - i've tried searching online and in these forums for more on this but can't find anything (... and that maybe because i've over-complicating it?!:)) but i'll happily post my findings (if any) once it's all set up to satisfaction.






      RH8 newbie from the UK

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          That is, make it as functional as possible, but don't raise expectations needlessly with a lot of fancy foldarol; there'll be plenty of time to add cute stuff, and only as user feedback warrants. Yes, there are wonderful things you can add, but just because you can, doesn't mean you should.


          Note also that the topics you have retained (not conditionalized away) must not contain links to the ones that are missing (you can try explaining away such broken links, but they'll leave a bad taste nonetheless). In addition, their Index entries will be missing, and the topics will not be included in a Search.



          Good luck,