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    Stream Video




      We're trying to bring streamed video to the iPhone through Adobe's iPhone exporter (pfi) via an AIR app .


      It seems that latest SDK version could actually do it but we still struggle to make it work :

      http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/introducing_flexsdk_hero.htm l (OSMF and “Hero” chapter)


      Our current setup is :

      1. Wowza Media Server 2
      2. Hero SDK
      3. PFI latest release
      4. MXML VideoPlayer control


      Is there something we might have overlooked?


      1. Is PFI able to transcode VideoPlayer control to the native Apple Player?
      2. What kind of stream is supported?  Dynamic, M3U8, F4M...
      3. Is Flash Media server / Apache Origin Module would be a solution?


      Thanks in advance