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    Developing a video gallery using AS3


      I'm developing a video gallery using ActionScript 3. Although I'm new to the language, I decided to head straight for 3.0 because of its flexible video package.

      Currently, I have the basics in place. When a video thumb is dragged onto the playing area, the video plays. However, the video that plays is currently only the "cod4" video; I need the FLV source to change depending on which of the thumbnails is dragged onto the area, so that the Transformers thumbnail plays the "transformers.flv", instead of the "cod4.flv".

      Is there anyone that could give me a direction on where to go next, in order to be able to switch the videos? My naive mind points me towards using function arguments, but I wouldn't know how to implement it.

      If you wish, download this ZIP - http://www.netterbox.co.uk/tests/gallery.zip - which contains the FLA, SWF and two FLV files. Just so you know, the ActionScript also contains the likes of a progress bar etc.