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    Dynamic Text Field with multiple, changing variables

    Cuwen Level 1

      Hello.  I am at work right now trying to create a power point for our Christmas party.  I know I can do so much more with Flash than I can with any other power point program.  Right now, I'm trying to figure out a way to load a list of names into one dynamic text field that changes at certain time intervals.  I'm using ActionScript 2 right now b/c I haven't learned 3, yet.  Is there a way for Flash to access a word document and load a name say, every minute?  I know I could add a different variable name in front of each employee name, like content, content1, content2, but I have a list of like 300 names here.  That would take up almost as much time as it would creating a slide for each name in Power Point.  Any suggestions or solutions?  I hope I made my question clear.  If not, please feel free to ask me questions.  Thank you so much!

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          Cuwen Level 1

          Can anyone make some suggestions, please?

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            carl schooff Level 3

            there is no way to read a word doc. you could retype it as xml or create a simple text file with all names separated with commas. but then you would have to figure out how to load the file and parse it.


            any way you cut it, you are going to be editing the text.

            if you can get all the names into an array, the rest is easy.


            the following will show a new name every second in a dynamic textfield with the instance name employee_txt

            it will also loop back to the beginning after the last name is displayed


            var employees:Array = new Array(















            var currentNameIndex:Number = 0;




            function getNextName(){

            employee_txt.text = employees[currentNameIndex];

            if(currentNameIndex < employees.length-1){



            trace("been through the array, go back to the beginnning");






            //show new name every second

            getNextNameINT = setInterval(getNextName, 1000)