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    Debug version of RSL


      I have a question about how Flash Builder compiles a debug version of application.


      I've created a test project with enabled "Use local debug runtime shared libraries when debugging". According a documentation, this option allows step into debug RSL files.


      If I remove c:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4\sdks\4.1.0\frameworks\rsls\framework_4.1.0.16076.swf, Flash Builder extracts one while building from c:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4\sdks\4.1.0\frameworks\libs\framework.swc\library.swf and stores into \bin-debug under the name framework_4.1.0.16076.swf. This file has a different size, as frameworks\rsls\framework_4.1.0.16076.swf. It looks like, both of these RSLs (one frameworks\rsls\framework_4.1.0.16076.swf and one in frameworks\libs\framework.swc) are debug versions, because optimizer.exe could reduce both to 623kb (but they are not the same!)


      The question is why there is difference between frameworks\rsls\framework_4.1.0.16076.swf and frameworks\libs\framework.swc\library.swf? And why optimizer produces different SWFs (frameworks\rsls\framework_4.1.0.16076.swf is stripped down to 623069 bytes, frameworks\libs\framework.swc\library.swf to 623076 bytes)


      I'm just trying to understand SDK RSL and how Flash Builder works with them...