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    Need Contribute 3.1 process when connecting


      Hi guys,


      Does anyone know the exact process Contribute 3.1 goes through when connecting?  After getting through the FTP login phase, does it first check the _mm/cd3beta/messaging/users folder?  I have no idea why it would be named beta, as no beta version was ever used.


      Or if you know of where this is detailed and can point me in the right direction, I would be most grateful!  ;-)


      I have a client who is suddenly having a permission's issue.  Our staff who handles the servers says that they do have permission, and I must admit I can log on using their id to FTP with no problems, as well as go to all directories.


      Of course, the staff wants to blame Contribute, which has worked seamlessly for this customer for over 5 years.  We have recently put up a new website for them.  First, they could connect, but could not write changes.  There was a permission problem and the server staff fixed that.  That is when the connection problem began to occur.


      So, I am gathering information to help them see this has to be something on their end.


      Thanks in advance for any help you can send me, especially those Adobe Contribute experts!  ;-)




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          Hi everyone, especially to anyone else with this issue currently or in the future.  I was surprised that I got no comments from anyone, having originally posted in the General side - no response there either.  Very surprising.


          The initial problem I found, was that the directory had not been set up for a group I was told, so I continued to have write access, etc.  During their attempt to correct this, a mistake was made and the folder permissions were hosed up for both myself and the user.


          When a user attempts to connect to a server, and the permission has changed, Contribute apparently disables that site's connection within Contribute.  I have never had this happen on my end, but it created a login issue for the user.  I have often come in to see disable connections, but if all is well, I have been able to connect.  Even after the permission issue was solved, the user still could not login.


          In my continued search for a solution, something made me think about this, and when I had the user check, the connection had been disabled.  When the connection was enabled, the user was then able to login, make changes, and publish those changes normally.


          I would gather from this, that Contribute does indeed check the users folder or some folder upon each login.


          Hope this helps.