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    Remote Data Source connection


      I am new to this so please bear with me...


      I am trying to create a new data source in CF Builder. I am trying to connect to a host site that has a production application running on the www. This site is under construction and is a CF project for the most part. I have SQL on my laptop as well as CF9, CF Builder, Dreamweaver CS5. I want to connect to this remote site so I can Query the data to see what has been done in the existing tables to this point. I have never done this before, and I hope this is possible. Not knowing the critical data about the database is making this hard for me. The original data creator is out of the picture, and I am too green to know how to find and extract the database/s. Everything I try in the CF Builder - Data Source template is failing......


      So if you can help me to get thru this issue, please reply.


      Thanks again,