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    Premiere Elements 9, Disc Menu images


      When I drag an image from the Organizer to the 'put media here' area of the Main Menu page I click done and save. When I leave the program and re-enter I find that the image is not anchored - it has floated from the position I had installed it into. If I try to burn a DVD either immediately after installing that image, or at a later date, no image is displayed on the DVD menu main page. The 'Scenes' menu(s) seem to be working correctly, however they receive their images from the timeline 'offset'.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          There appear to be a few menu templates with this bug in them.


          Meantime, you can minimize this problem by making sure any photos you use in Premiere Elements -- even in the menus -- is no larger than 1000x750 pixels.

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            Gazz52 Level 1

            This is a bug. I have a support case which was openned with Adobe technical 5 weeks ago. Now awaiting resolution. In the meantime you may want to read through the discussion "PE9 Menu Background". If your output is DVD etc then there is a workaround in this discussion which was provided by A.T. Romano. There are other discussions as well on this PRE9 issue.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Although photo sizing is an important consideration in many "normal" operations in any version of Premiere Elements, in Premiere Elements 9 the size of the image is ABSOLUTELY not involved  in this problem of replacement background not showing up on the burn to disc DVD-VIDEO. And, the problem involves more than just a few menus.



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                Have you heard back from Support on this one yet?  I'm getting just the same problems as are reported in this thread and others, if it's such a glaring fault I'm surprised nothing has happened after 5 months.  Cheers



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                  Bluestar06 Level 1

                  I have heard as much as you - have found many, many, many, etc. problems with 9 without any resolution. This doesn't surprise me as I have used may versions 3, 5, 7 - each with its own set of glaring problems. Usually they are addressed with the next version or two, however, the new versions come each with new, wondrous, and undocumented improvements (errors) which make the user pull their hair out. This is probably the reason their customer service stinks unless you are willing to pay big $$$$ for a defective program.



                  John T.

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7

                    John T


                    The issues with the DVD Menu in Premiere Elements 9/9.0.1 appear to still exist without solution, just workarounds. If I can help you with a workaround for a particular DVD Template menu, please let me know. One of my workarounds has been to modify the DVD Template at the level of the .psd in the Program Files. But, recently three of us ran into some strange consequences doing that, namely, the project with the modified menu not opening and popping up a message that this project was not compatible with this version of Premiere Elements. But, fortunately that is not always the case so we do have a window of opportunity to use the modification successfully. Very strange behavior in the problem itself as well as in some workflows to workaround the problem.


                    But I do need some clarification on what you wrote. You said that you have used versions 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. There are no versions 5 and 6 for Premiere Elements...1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, and 9 to date. And, in the versions that you did use, were the problems related to DVD Templates? If so what version and how did the problem manifest itself

                    a. navigation buttons of TV remote did not work at playback of the DVD-VIDEO

                    b. other


                    I was hoping that my earlier posts on this matter might spark some Adobe action to come up with the solution. Best I can suggest is to keep sending those Adobe New Features/Bug Report Forms in to demonstrate that the users have not lost interest and are not content with workarounds.



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                      Bluestar06 Level 1

                      I had mentioned 3, 5, 7, & 9now. I still have the discs for 3 & 7 (& 9 now of course). I must have gotten 4, but no longer have the other disc to check.


                      The problems I've had, as I said, mostly clear up in the next version - each new version that I have purchased have had their own quirks. The problems with 9 are probably no worse than with the others - only more recent. I remember 7 giving me a very bad time trying to burn a disc - continuous errors and failures to burn. I ended up burning it to file and using a different/separate burn program to produce the DVD from there.


                      I got into using these programs while trying to convert 3500 slides (1966 - 1999) to DVD, then 2300+ pictures (1942 - 2001), the all the digital stuff we've generated since then. So I am self taught. I have purchased several manuals for the various versions with limited success - most authors have their own ideas of what I want to learn. That is probably the biggest gripe - no Adobe manual with the program - a PDF edition would be a great help. The forums offer me limited help - too much to page through - too hard to find.


                      Thanks for the offer for the work-arounds - I've learned a few tricks. My problem is that if I don't continually use the program, I lose the ability. Since I live in Wisconsin, I do my photo memoirs during the winter months.


                      Thanks for your help & concern.


                      John T.

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                        Gazz52 Level 1

                        The menu issue has not been resolved. I also don't believe it has anything to do with image size. I opened a support case late last year and after an exhaustive process had the support team acknlowedge the issue. The case was "closed" with an undertaking the issue would be resolved but with no timetable. I have followed up on 2 occassions, the most recent just over a week ago. The response was as follows:

                        "I would like to inform you that it is not possible for us to let you know the exact time and date of releasing the patch for the bug related to your issue. So kindly keep checking the Adobe Website. When the patch is released, you would be able to know the same."

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                          MalcolmLuthien Level 1



                          I did try the workaround I'd seen you suggest in another post of modifying the .psd file directly, but got just what you reported - an error message of the project being non-compatible.  I guess the .psd file needs to have some specific format that I'd screwed up when editing it (I'm not using full Photoshop of course).  I am trying to use the PAL 4:3 Elegant wedding template.  However my next work-around is to render the file as a straight .avi or .mpg, then import to me earlier XP-only compatible Pinnacle Studio to add the DVD titles and burn.



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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            Thanks for your follow up information.


                            One of the latest wrinkles in the Premiere Elements 9/9.0.1 DVD Template situation has been this "this project is not compatible with the current version" error when trying to open a project with newly created or modified .psd menu that had been applied to it.  For the purposes of this discussion, I am assuming the you have placed the menu involved in the correct directory location.


                            The answer(s) to this recently observed problem may be

                            a. renaming in the DVD Template directory


                            b. making sure that you are applying the menu in a Premere Elements Disc Menu section that has been cleared of prior applied menu via hitting AutoPlay or by renaming in the DVD Template directory on the hard drive.


                            Please take a look at this thread from a forum that I frequent and let us know if any of what you read there applies to your case.



                            We look forward to your results and comments so that we can put these findings into some pattern to uncover the whys.



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                              MalcolmLuthien Level 1

                              Hi ATR


                              Thanks for all the guidance.  For the moment I've "fixed" the problem by rendering the project and using my old trust Pinnacle Studio to do the titling, which it manages like a breeze.  When I get a chance I'll try updating the .psd files again, using the latest PS (on another PC...).  Thinking about the "incompatible" error message, it may be because I'd left some detritus in the folder so I'll make sure it's a totally clean version next time.