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    Flash CS3 now crashes randomly after 0-30 minutes



      I've been using flash CS3 for years without problem.


      Since the beginning of nov.2010, it crashes after some time of use. More precisely the toolbar disappears, then reappears, some GUI elements blink. It's not related to a specific user action. When this happens, closing flash is difficult (the window remains here). When switching to another app, some Flash parts remains. The graphical memory seems saturated. Launching another app is met with a window error message. A windows restarts becomes necessary.


      This problem arises only in Flash, and with no other apps from CS3 suite.


      2 colleagues of mine has the same issue, also in the last weeks (= nov 2010). We work in separate places. We didn't exchange files.

      We are on Win XP Home Edition, Dell computer.

      They have more recent PCs than mine (which clearly meets the CS3 requirements), with enough memory,etc..


      One colleague has reinstalled winXP. The problem arised again, but I don't know when. He also tried CS4 and CS5 and had the same problem.

      Today he un-installed all Adobe products with this utility: http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/cs5clean.html.

      After this hour of uninstall process, he reinstalled Flash CS3 and used it without network/internet (no funky updates): The problem was still here.


      Does anyone has an idea?