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    Unable to use adl


      I have just downloaded the Air SDK and the read me file says that


      "The AIR Debug Launcher (ADL) allows you to test an AIR application without having to package and install it.."


        It does not seem to give any clues how to do this, so I double clicked on the file adl.exe.  It asks me is I want to run it and when I says yes, it opens and closes a DOS prompt window so quickly that I am unable to read what it says.  And that is all!


      What should I do to use this?  and is there any other documentation?



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          tzeng Adobe Employee

          You need to open a command shell first. Then execute the command.


          The command is:

          Adl  application-descriptor


          Or type

          Adl -help

          To find out the usage info.



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            GT324 Level 1

            Thanks very much.  That is very helpful, but I am not quite sure what you mean by application descriptor.  I have tried to use the .as file and the .air file and even the .fla file but in all cases they come back with an error 1009.  Cannot access a property or method of a null object

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              GT324 Level 1

              Ignore my last reply.  I understand what the application desriptor file is now


              Thanks for all of your help