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    Settings mismatch... FLV output resize


      Hi, I'm having an issue outputting an FLV from AE CS5.


      Everything I'm trying to do works correctly in CS4 but since they've added the smart settings mismatch dialog and autocorrection it's modifying my output.


      I have a composition, 30fps, 885x285, square pxl


      When I render an FLV it's gives me a settings mismatch and wants to up my output size from 885x285 - 886x286. the only way i get around this is to output an lossless MOV, animation codec, no alpha. Then bring the mov into Adobe Media Encoder CS4 and export that way. If I do this it retains the aspect ratio and doesn't up the output by a pixel from 885x285 - 886x286


      Basically I want to shut off the settings mismatch auto correction that AE CS5 is doing. I know what I want and this new feature is making it a big pain in the butt.


      Someone help me! the only problems i see others encountering have to do with framerate changes that are occuring on flv output.

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          Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

          FLV requires pixel dimensions that are divisible by 2.  That's why your odd-sized dimensions are being changed.  This is not uncommon among video formats; even numbers are easier to process than odd numbers.


          This is not a new requirement for FLV.  I did a comparison of FLV export, default settings, with an 885x285 comp from After Effects CS4 and CS5, and both resized the output.  The difference is that CS4 rounded down to 884x284 and CS5 rounded up to 886x286.  Oh, and CS5 gives you the warning ahead of time so that you know that your output will be resized.  I consider this an improvement.


          > Basically I want to shut off the settings mismatch auto correction that AE CS5 is doing.


          This is not possible; it's always on.  After Effects CS5 only presents the warning when the input you are trying to give to the exporter is *not possible* for the exporter to accept.  The mechanism that drives this does also auto-correct the output via scaling and/or padding, but the warning is present to inform you about it.  If you don't like the automatic behavior, you can resize your comp to an acceptable size.  (You can resize via Comp Settings or use the Resize and Crop controls in the Output Module dialog.)


          Just to check, I set up an 884x284 comp in AE CS5, the same size that CS4 resizes to, and this was accepted by the CS5 FLV exporter without triggering a warning.  So if you want output that is the same size as you were getting in CS4, you can use this comp size or set the Crop control in the Output Module to trim 1 pixel.



          -=Adobe Media Encoder and After Effects QE

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            j_wisch Level 1

            Thanks Tim for the quick response!


            This makes sense to me, finally, i assumed it had to do with a power of 2 conversion. The output size for my flv's has to be 885x285. not 884x284 or 886x286. the site that i'm pulling the flv's into  has a flv playback component that is set to a dimension of 885x285 (which now i see was set up incorrectly from the start, should be a size that is divisible by 2 like you mention).


            This being said, we cannot change the site. So the work around I've found that will keep the same dimensions (885x285) is to export a lossless MOV from AE CS5 then convert with Adobe Media Encoder CS4. This way that encoder doesn't subtract a pixel from w/h or add a pixel to w/h. For whatever reason this technique allows me to have a odd number of pixels in the w/h. When i export directly from AE CS4 as an FLV, you are correct, it has weird results (was actually getting an FLV that was 896x288, strange!) but always wants power of 2 pixels.


            So, now that i've banged my head against my cubicle wall repeatedly, next time i create an FLV or a site that uses them, i will always be sure to create the playback component/flv player to be a pixel w/h dimension that is power of 2 compatible!


            Thanks again!