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    Nested Rollovers


      I'd like to create an effect where on rollover of a large text block an icon button appears within the block and when I rollover the icon button it changes color. This is an effect that's done all over the web and I'd love to be able to put it in my prototypes/mocks, but I can't seem to figure out how to do it in FW. Basically, it seems like I'd have to have a slice within a slice or something like that, but that doesn't work since they're activated separately.


      Is this possible?  I've been trying to figure out for over a year, I hope there's just something I don't get.




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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          It can't be done in Fireworks, Stephanie, but could be done in Flash. Note that ideally, you should be using HTML text on web pages rather than images of text.

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            dehfne Level 1

            Ok.  I was really hoping there was something I missed... 


            And by the way - this is only for prototypes and mocks, definitely not for production!  Yes, exported images are a terrible way to put text on the web.  (in fact, most of the work could be done completely in html/css with no images at all...)