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    CS5 Complicated file in InCopy workflow crashes on updating stories

    E Diane King Level 3

      I'm working on the first few lessons of what will be several hundred . . . setting up a template that will hopefully work for a massively complicated workflow. I'm using a lot of the features of InDesign along with a third party plugin. Got my first lesson laid out and exported it to InCopy so the editor could tweak the text and when I try to update the stories after his edits, ID thinks for a second or two and then crashes.


      The file was created fresh in ID CS5. It contains tables, spanning titles, anchored vector art (native AI), and achored text boxes that were created using InTools Side Heads plugin (some of which contain tables). ID has become very senstive--just working with several of these complicated files open at once can sometimes cause a crash (though I have noticed since moving to CS5 that having any sort of table in a document almost guarantees a crash eventually--especially if spanning text is in use). However, the crashes before usually didn't repeat--meaning I recovered the file and did what caused the crash with out a subsequent crash. The InCopy story update crashes every time. The editor says he just changed a few words--didn't cause any major reflow--but I cannot update. I've tried it on two different files with edits.


      Any idea how I can solve this problem? These files will have to be complicated--there is just no working around it--and I have to use IC with my editors. In the long run, this project will take hundreds of man hours, and I have to make the workflow as efficient as possible because I'm the only one doing the layout.


      I've tried opening and updating the docs on a Intel Mac running Leopard and a Windows 7 laptop.  It crashed in the same way on both computers. Both installations are fully patched.