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    ToolTip on focus, rather than on mouse-in?

    JoshBeall Level 1

      Hi All,


      Is there a way to setup my textinputs so that they display ToolTips on focus, rather than when the mouse is hovering over the component?


      I've been searching on this and the best I've been able to find so far is to either:


      1) Manually dispatch mouse-in events to "trick" the system into thinking that the mouse went over the component, and thus getting the tooltip to display.  This just feels wrong.

      2) Using the ToolTipManager to manually show/hide tooltips for my component when the focus is going in/out on my textinput.  This works but can get extremely verbose, since I'd need a listener for focusin and focus out events on every component.  So, it feels less wrong than the other workaround, but it still feels wrong. :-)


      Are there any other options?  Since the plumbing is all there already, it's just not responding to the events that I want it to respond to, I'm hoping there's some way to modify the events that will cause the tooltip to show/hide the tooltips.