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    Acrobat Conflicts with Computer Shutdown


      I use Vist Operating System and IE*.  About a month ago, my computer shutdown started taking 15 minutes or longer to complete.  When it did complete, I got a compouter dump. When i restarted tehe computer, I got a dialog box that informed the computer was shutdown improperly.  Othewise, everything operated fine when I was using the computer.


      But since I am traveling and have to shutdown the computer frequently, I took it to Best Buy for diagnosis.  After a lot of back and forth, they discovered the problem:  "ntkrnimp.exe is the cause of the error."  It was determined that an dobe installation installed the file with either Flash Player or Acrobat Reader.  Their solution was to remove both installations.  Unfortunately, I haven't figured out a way to do without either of these products so I reinstalled them.


      When they are installed the problem happens EVERY time I shutdown or restart the computer.  If thye are uninstalled, the shutdown is quick and lean.  It appears both Acrobat Reader AND Flash Player have to be removed to fix the shutdoown problem.  At this point my solution is (1) wait out the shutdown which sometimes takes as long as 30 minutes, (2) uninstall both Adobe programs (and then reinstall), or (3) GET A FIX...IS THERE A SOLUTION???


      I would appreciate any help.



      Steve Varnum