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    Making a wheel slow down?

    celebritymusic Level 1



      I was wondering if someone could please help me - I'm trying to write code that starts rotating a movieclip at a certain speed, and slows it down over a certain time.


      I got it to work, but my code is a little flimsy, plus a bit complex.


      I figured there must be a simpler way, and I've tried all manners of timers and rotations, including using Greensock code, but I can't get it to work.


      I want it to start of rotating at 3.6 degrees every 0.005 seconds (2 rotations per second), and increase the 0.005 time each 3.6 degree increment until it takes about 1 second to rotate 3.6 degrees.


      Any clues as to how to go about this?