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    Scrolling scene help

      Ok, Im a newbie to Flash and have been working on a photography template I got for my wifes website. The .fla file has a scene where pictures scroll across the page to allow for viewing. This loops. The length of these scenes is limited..ie..you can only add so many pictures. Is there a way to lengthen the area to allow for more pictures. The template is located here: http://www.flashmint.com/template-demo-1959.html so any flash guru can see what im talking about. Each galler has is own .fla file. Help...the wife is anxious to get it going...
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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There's no telling how the template is designed with what you've offered.  How are images added to each gallery?

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            thebrtmn Level 1

            you can import them into the gallery and either swap bitmap from the

            original or drag and drop

            I have three scene files in each gallery movie... "bigimages," "Slider," and "zone" along with the pictures  These may just be the names that develeper come up with.

            "zone" shows a blue highlighte box...I tried using the "free transform too"l to stretch it and see if that lengthens the area where pictures

            can be placed but no avail.  I also tried it on the "big images and slider" but it seems to just stretch the pictures.

            The way I have been editing the pictures is: double click on the background and it enters into edit mode of the slider, then double click again,

            edit mode for big images so in the top right is shows  "Scene 1/slider/big images." at that point I can swap bitmap the original template images and then when I need to add more I drag in drop behind the last image to the right...after about 3 more pics it will not lengthen anymore.  I can then start adding to the front of the clip (lefts side) as much as I want however when its played back some of the final images added to the fron are behind the scrolling images.

            I hope that clarifies.  Each gallery .fla is about 1mb and would probable be easier looking at it..

            Thanks for your help and let me know if I can be any more specific.


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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If I am understanding you correctly, are you unable to add images to the right because your work area will not scroll over far enough to add them?  I can only imagine you have reached the limits of the workspace. There nothing else I can imagine that would prohibit adding more images.  If that's the case, what you might try doing is making groups of the images as symbols and add the groups into that rather than each individual image by itself.  That would at least give you more room to add to the end, since you can edit the group separately from the whole set that's inside.

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