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    Need instance of movieclip to fade out when I rollover separate button

    VeryNew_To_AS3 Level 1

      Movieclip I want to fade out:  "StartupText_mc"


      Within "StartupText_mc" I have a frame labels "normal" on the first frame and "over" on the last. On the actions layer I have "stop();" on the first and last frame. On the third layer I have a simple alpa tween from 100% to 0%.


      Now, Back to the main scene where the button "ProductMarketingIcon2_mc" and "StartupText_mc" exist next to each other. Here is the code I have for the button:



      ProductMarketingIcon2_mc.onRollOver = function() {





      ProductMarketingIcon2_mc.onRollOut = function() {





      ProductMarketingIcon2_mc.onPress = function() {






      Anyone know how to make   "StartupText_mc" fade out when "ProductMarketingIcon2_mc" is rolled over and simultaneuosly riggers it own tween?


      Once agin, thanks for anyone who reads this.