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    Full Browser Flash

    mynameissam.co.uk Level 1
      Hey guys,

      I need to make my site full browser flash because when a portfolio element is clicked in its menu, a black overlay fades in and a project swf is called. Simple enough, but of course the overlay needs to fill the user's window otherwise it will look disjointed.

      When I publish to full browser flash I have set the dimensions to 100% and got rid of the margins. The only problem is that the image and pixel text is distorted because they aren't at their proper size! Is there a certain size I should build to?

      I had one idea that I could have a flat colour background that uses the stage class to scale it's size whilst the content stays the same size, the black overlay would use the scale class to define it's size too.
      Would this work? I would obviously need to make sure that the central site stays central.

      Any ideas?