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    Adobe Reader X - Runtime error - Windows 7

    oribaoriba Level 1

      What am I doing wrong? Any ideas?


      Installed Reader X 3 times since yesterday onto differnt Windows 7 machines - including once onto a clean Windows 7 Enterprise 32bit install (i.e. no old versions of anything to remove) - and on all atempts once the software is installed and run, i just get a runtime error and it won't open up.  Screenshots below








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          JainAkshat Level 1

          Looks like VC9 runtime at your machine is in bad state.

          can you try installing VC9 runtime from this link

          http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=9b2da534-3e03-4391-8a4d-074b9f 2bc1bf&displaylang=en


          hopefully this should work.

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            oribaoriba Level 1

            Sorry - no joy there.  Thanks for the idea and the quick response though.


            Installed the runtime as you suggested, also did a reboot just in case, but same error.


            As I said on my first post, I get this error on an absolutely clean install of Windows 7 aswell as the Windows 7 machine i tried your suggestion on - surely the basics ought to be on the machine already?


            Presumably others are managing to instal this and it works OK?

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              oribaoriba Level 1

              Credit for the answer must go to admin_att

              as having read their post on " Reader X Folder redirection / Roaming Profiles supported ? by " in this section I tried using the reader  X  on the same machine, but logged in as a user who's profile directory was not re-directed  - and hey-presto it works fine!


              So my issue is the one admin_att refers to and answers his question - re-directed folders are not supported (still)


              For info, I'd moved by user directory from c:\users and used mklink /j to re-direct it to a different location

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                Wokinilmid Level 1

                I just came across the same bug, but without your post I'd never even have thought that the relocated Users directory (symbolic link to another partition) could be the cause.


                Hm... stepping back to Reader 9 which has no issues with symbolic links.

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                  oribaoriba Level 1

                  Just for anyone's reference if you are faced with this issue:


                  I was using a symbolic link to have my user folder on a different drive (mklink /j)


                  Having now changed over to moving the use folder via registry changes instead I don't have any problems.

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                    snruebes123 Level 1

                    This was exactly what I expected after I read that Adobe announced Reader X (X fits really because it is the best to terminate this software).


                    It is always the same - the quality of Adobe software is below each expectation. Now we have the already version 10 and Adobe has still not understood the difference of Windows XP and and Windows 7 regarding user profiles - I doubt that they ever heard the term "roaming profile" or "junction/symbolic link/hard link". Some people should be forbidden to program - if I would have the choice I would select another pdf viewer. And if you try to address these kind of issues Adobe acts deaf and simply says this not supported instead of fixing their stupid mistakes in their poor products - this approach is so easy - if they  continue to behave in this way and exploit their current monopole they will not survive, because all disappointed customers will switch to the next best alternative as soon as they offers a less painful product or at least better support. I start to love Steve Jobs and Apple.


                    The question stays: Why Adobe reinvented a bug, which was already fixed in Adobe Reader 9 - what the hell are they doing in their programming caves in India - it looks like one programmer does not speak to the other or took a very old outdated code stream - very poor versioning and quality managment.

                    I have to deal all the time in my Company with these Adobe Pre-Alpha products full of bugs and I'm fed up to always run into major unsolved issues - Adobe test your products before you do a final release!!!! You ever heard about a public beta phase??????


                    This is from your own kb article: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/404/kb404597.html


                    "This error occurs when the application checks for read permissions for each directory in the path to Application Data. The application is supposed to instead only inspect for permission in the Application Data directory and below. If the requisite permissions are not found, a runtime error occurs.

                    The 9.4 cumulative update changes this behavior so that the application does not check for permissions on parent folders."


                    So read your own fu..... KB before you release anything and make such a spectacle about a <sarcasm on> "complete new version, which is the most safe, reliable and convenient reader version ever <sarcasm off> (lol)

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                      Ni-kola Level 1

                      The same problem on Windows XP with user profile directory redirected (via junction) to another location (another drive).

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                        Ibn Rushd Level 1

                        I also experienced initial failure of Reader X, using Windows XP, SP3.


                        On 22 Nov 2010, I reinstalled Reader 9.4.1, and, shortly thereafter, the updater stopped trying to update to Reader X.  Indeed, as of this morning, 29 Nov 2010, the updater still indicates no update available for Reader 9.4.1.

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                          erunaheru1 Level 1

                          Just FYI, apparantly having "Documents" as a symlink will also cause a crash, but subfolders within Documents will not. This was driving me crazy because it was working on one machine but not another that I thought had an identical configuration, except for that small detail. Not a big deal to work around for me since my documents are all organized in a few folders anyway (I'm an organization freak) but would be a deal killer for anyone with their documents, or entire profile, on a seperate partition who is not as OCD as I am.


                          Edit: To clarify for anyone trying to fix this problem, I am using a symlink, not a junction (hard link), a symlink from c:\users\[user]\Documents\-->Z:\ caused a runtime error, but c:\users\[user]\Documents\Other-->Z:\Other did not. It is also possible that Reader X cannot handle symlinks to drive roots.

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                            vdobhal Adobe Employee

                            I can see that Reader X does work with Folder Redirection (applied through a GPO policy). It however has stopped working with Symbolic Links in Reader X. Tried Reader 9 and it works without issues with symbolink links.


                            Performed the following steps to move the user profiles to another drive and reproduce the issue:

                            1. Logged off from the user account (UserName) and logged on with an admin user.

                            2. Copied everything from C:\Users\UserName to D:\Users\UserName (Made sure to copy hidden and protected system files by checking these in 'Folder Options')

                            3. Renamed the old user profile directory to C:\Users\UserName.old

                            4. Open a command prompt and create the junction with the command: mklink /J C:\Users\UserName D:\Users\UserName

                            5. Log out from the admin account and log on with the user profile (UserName).

                            6. Launched Reader and you get the error.


                            Is there any other way, apart from symbolic link (junction) that people are getting this error?

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                              ijdavidson Level 1

                              I am also trying to figure out what is going on. Our network runs Windows Server 2003. I installed Adobe Reader X on one of our Dells running Windows XP Pro SP3 and it works fine. I installed it on a second Dell running the same OS and I get the runtime error and then it closes. In both cases I uninstalled a version of Reader 9.x and cleaned up after it with Advanced System Care Pro and CCleaner. Both of the computers have two hard drives: A C:\ drive for the OS and programs and a D:\ drive for documents. On the computer where Reader X works, My Documents points to a network location. On the computer where Reader X doesn't work, My Documents points to D:\My Documents. Before I give up and reinstall Reader 9 on the second computer, does anyone have any suggestions?

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                                jake.culley Level 1

                                I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that this is system is on a domain.


                                1. Make sure that you know what the local admin password is.

                                2. Uninstall Reader X.

                                3. Remove the system from the domain (both on the client and the server), reboot.

                                4. Re-add the system to the domain.

                                5. Reinstall Reader X.


                                This may or may not work, just a something to try.