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    Reader X, Win7 x64 and Outlook 2010 x64

    GarethT42 Level 1

      Just testing Adobe Reader X in Windows 7 Professional x64 using Microsoft Office 2010 x64.


      When using the PDF Previewer in Outlook, Outlook just locks up. It says "Starting PDF Preview Handler..." but the moving orange stripes freeze and nothing happens until I kill the AcroRD32.exe process spawned from prevhost.exe.


      Is there a workaround for this or is it at least a known bug?




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          Can you please try if the same PDFs which you are trying to preview in mail message window of outlook 2010 is being previewed in preview pane of windows explorer.

          Also please observe if on opening the PDF file by double click opens the PDF in Reader and if it asks for any kind of authentication before opening.

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            GarethT42 Level 1


            The previewer in Windows Explorer crashes too... I don't normally use it which is why I hadn't noticed before.


            By crashes, I mean it displays the first page, then the whole window hangs. Watching the CPU usage, the Adobe Reader process is using 50% of the CPU (on a dual core machine) pretty much constantly. Killing the process allows me to use the window again.


            Double clicking the file to open it opens it normally. It's not a protected file in any way. I've tried it with multiple files, from different sources. All exhibit this behaviour.

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              rdrXuser Level 1

              I am not able to reproduce any crash on previewing PDF in preview pane and also able to preview PDF in mail message window of outlook 2010 x64.

              My OS is Win7-64bit.


              Also are you able to perform other taskls using Reader X.

              Please disable sandboxing and test if preview works.

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                GarethT42 Level 1

                Sorry for not replying sooner. I've think I've pinned the problem down to the combination of Acrobat Reader X, Windows 7 Service Pack 1 beta (I'd forgotten about that!), 64-bit Windows and 64-bit Office.


                I've upgraded to 10.0.1 and it still happens. I'll rebuild my machine in a few months, without the beta service pack, see if that makes a difference.


                We're not rolling out 64bit Office 2010 any time soon, so this issue is, I think, localised to just me.


                Thanks for your help!

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                  Kshakti Adobe Employee
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