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    I have got a problem with flash development


      Hallo guys, I am new to flash development, that's why I ask you to help me.

      I have got the following problem:

      Actually, we want to create service for internal use in our companies in Russian cities. This service must solve following problem: when an employee leaves work, he must have a possibility to login to our web site, turn on his web camera through web interface on this site, so that he would be able to see the picture from his web camera in the player on the site. Than he leaves his workplace and goes home, when he gets home, he must be able to login on the same site, and see, what is happening on the camera. Ideally,  we must also provide such function: when nothing changes on the camera, our service realizes, that everything is ok, when someone walks in the camera or something changes on the picture this service must "realize" that somebody is walking in front of the camera and it should alert users via e-mail and send him some letter with a photo of object, which appeared in the camera.I found one site, which allows to do that dompodprismotrom.ru on this site, everything happens through the flash.


      I understand that this task should be divided into 4 parts:
      1.Getting image from video camera and broadcast it to the player on the site
      2. Send and store this video on the server
      3.Analyze video (if something changes an alert should be sent)
      4.Sending an alert letter with notification to the mail of the user.

      Maybe someone of you can tell whether there are any open source solutions for any of these 4 problems?And how can I realize all this functionality?Maybe there are such services in America or Europe?


      I will be very greatful for any information.