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    Video sound won't stop when changing frames on timeline

    bernwa Level 2

      I've been making the transition from AS2 to AS3 for the last week and am making progress.  But I'm having a problem that hopefully someone can help me with.


      I'm using Flash CS5.


      I have a fairly simple Flash website I'm working on.  I have sections on the timeline like Home, About, Photos, Media ... all set up using labels for each of those sections.


      Everything is working fine but when I go to my Media section where I have a video placed (using the flv component) I'm having a problem as follows:


      The video auto plays fine when I go to the Media section but when I attempt to leave the section and go to another the sound of the video doesn't stop.  It continues to play when I go to another section and if I go back to the section it starts again.  The video is not there when I go to another section which is the part that's confusing me.  In AS2 when I did this the video and the sound both stopped because you went to another section on the timeline.  Why is the sound of the video not stopping in AS3?


      I appreciate any help on this!