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    Best Practice for Updating Administrative Installation Point for Reader 9.4.1 Security Update?


      I deployed adobe reader 9.4 using an administrative installation point with group policy when it was released. This deployment included a transform file.  It's now time to update reader with the 9.4.1 security msp.


      My question is, can I simply patch the existing AIP in place with the 9.4.1 security update and redeploy it, or do I need to create a brand new AIP and GPO?


      Any help in answering this would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.

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          I wouldn't update your AIP in place. I end up keeping multiple AIPs on hand. Each time a security update comes out I make a copy and apply the updates to that. One reason is this: when creating the AIPs, you need to apply the MSPs in the correct  order; you cannot simply apply a new MSP to the previous AIP.


          Adobe's support patch order is documented here:  http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/498/cpsid_49880.html.


          That link covers Adode  Acrobat and Reader, versions 7.x through 9.x. A quarterly update MSP can  only be applied to the previous quarterly. Should Adobe Reader 9.4.2  come out tomorrow as a quarterly update, you will not be able to apply it to  the 9.4.1 AIP; you must apply it to the previous quarterly AIP - 9.4.0. At a minimum I keep the previous 2 or 3 quarterly AIPs around, as well as the MSPs to update them. The only time I delete my old AIPs is when I am 1000% certain they are not longer needed.


          Also, when Adobe's developers author the MSPs they don't include the correct metadata entries for in place upgrades of AIPs - any AIP based on the original 9.4.0 MSI will not in-place upgrade any installtion that is based on the 9.4.0 MSI and AIP - you must uninstall Adobe Reader, then re-install. This deficiency affects all versions of Adobe Reader 7.x through 9.x. Oddly, Adobe Acrobat AIPs will correctly in-place upgrade.


          Ultimately, the in-place upgrade issue and the patch order requirements are why I say to make a copy, then update and deploy the copy.


          As for creating the AIPs:


          This is what my directory structure looks like for my Reader AIPs:










          The 9.4.0 -> 9.4.1 MSP is F:\Applications\Adobe\Reader\AdbeRdrUpd941_all_incr.msp


          When I created my 9.4.1 AIP, I entered these at a cmd.exe prompt - if you don't have robocopy on your machine you can get it from the Server 2003 Resouce Kit:


          cd \Applications\Adobe\Reader\

          robocopy /s /e 9.4.0 9.4.1

          cd 9.4.1

          rename AdbeRdr940_en_US.msi AdbeRdr941_en_US.msi

          msiexec /a AdbeRdr941_en_US.msi /update F:\Applications\Adobe\Reader\AdbeRdrUpd941_all_incr.msp /qb