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    Help about physic simulation in Director 11.5

    Jhon Carlo Level 1

      Given that:
      1) The Help of Director about the functions of physical simulation in 3D is  not very easy to use;
      2) I work with 3D max;
      3) Havok does not work anymore with Director 11.5;
      4) I tried to use the new plug in "AGEIA PhysX" in 3d max " and it works.
      5) Adobe says that "AGEIA PhysX" is the current engine for the simulation physic in 3d in Director,
      but when I export in W3D the physical simulation does not work. I make a mistake or it is just like that?


      Someone can tell me if there are some tutorial about:

      1) physic simulation in Direcrot 11.5. Better to download.

      2) how to export the "AGEIA PhysX" simulation form 3d max to W3D and preserve the physical simulation

      inside Director.


      I hope I am wrong but, if I am right, if professional programs that accelerate the physical simulation with 3D programming, like
      3d max (with Havok or Physix) do not work, the only way to make even a simple physics simulation in Director is the compilation with keyboard, boring and slow, as did was with DOS.
      Don't tell me that it is so.


      I am sorry for the bad English