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    Allocating more memory to be able to compile. How?


      How do I allocate more memory to CS5 in order to be able to compile AIR 2.5?


      Small apps are compiling just fine,

      Bigger apps like mine, however In CS5, always results in a grey windowed app, basically the compiler stops halfway.

      It gives the same result in CS4 if I let the memory unchanged as the default of 128 mb.

      If I allocate more memory to CS4, 512, I can compile perfectly, specific 2.5 code is also executed if I put traces.

      but I cannot package as the app.xml gets overwrited during the package step. Its always sets it back to 1.5.


      Since CS5 is ment to be able to compile/package AIR 2.5 apps, in fact its the very reason I have it on my disc,

      I would like to know how do I compile my large app using CS5 if no extra allocation of memory is possible?


      thx by advance