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    There has to be a way to do a silent install/network install of Premiere Elements.


      I am going crazy here.  I have 100+ laptops running Windows 7 32-bit.  I am trying to use scripts through group policy to install Adobe Premiere Elements 9 on all the laptops without having to manually load each one.  I have created a batch file that pushes to all the laptops.  The batch file contains the following command:


      (maps W drive)

      start/wait w:\pe9\oem.exe /UL1033 /V"SERIALNUMBER=(My serial Number)"
      (deletes W drive)


      It runs the file and says Error Code : 1.


      I have no idea what Error Code 1 means.  Any ideas?  I have created an application.override.xml file in my PE9 folder with this info:


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Configuration> <Payload> <Data key="EULADelay">0</Data> <Data key="Registration">Suppress</Data> <Data key="Updates">Suppress</Data> </Payload> </Configuration>


      I also edited the abcopy.ini with thise info:


      [OEM Install]
      SERIALNUMBER=(MY serial number)




      What am I doing wrong?


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          Akshat B Adobe Employee

          you are getting exit code 1 because you have set "INSTALLTEMPLATES=1" in the abcpy.ini file which means that premiere Elements will search for additional contents in the setup folder. The solution is either set "INSTALLTEMPLATES=0" in abcpy.ini file which means that the additional contents won't get installed.


          copy the additional contents in a folder named "Templates" parallel to OEM.exe and set INSTALLTEMPLATES=1. This will install additional contents along with the core application.


          Even though you got exit code=1. You will find that the core application is getting installed.