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    I am not able to access empty paragraphs

    FrankB62 Level 1

      I have problem in VBScript with accessing paragraphs with no contents inside of table cells.


      Here is a snippet of my code (Row is the table row I am working on):


      For Each Cell in Row.Cells

         For Each Paragraph In Cell.Paragraphs

            ' Do something with Paragraph




      This only gives me the paragraphs which contain some text. If they are empty, I don't get access to them at all (Cell.Paragraphs.Count = 0). When I have the document in InDesign, each cell does have a paragraph style inside of if, and I only have to write one character in the cell to get it to work, but as soon as I delete the last character, the paragraph becomes inaccessible from the script.


      My aim is to replace the text within each paragraph with content from a database no matter what the paragraph might already contain. I cannot just create new paragraphs, because I use the paragraph style of the existing paragraphs to determine what text from the database goes where.